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Pass the North Carolina Cosmetology Exam with Bella Beauty Review!

Before you begin to study for the North Carolina cosmetology exam, you need to check out the licensing requirements with the North Carolina Board of Cosmetology. By doing this, you will make sure that you are eligible to take the exam. The licensing requirements as well as the contact information for the North Carolina Board of Cosmetology are summarized below.

Historically the requirements to obtain a cosmetology license in North Carolina include the following:


COSMETOLOGY: 1500 hours
ESTHETICIAN: 600 hours
TEACHER: 800 hours (Cosmetologist), 320 hours (Manicurist) or 650 hours (Esthetician) in an approved cosmetic art school teacher program or proof of 5 years (Cosmetologist), 2 years (Manicurist) or 3 years (Esthetician) full-time work in a cosmetic art shop immediately prior to application.




North Carolina will recognize a license from another state if you have the following:

  • Current license from one state

  • Passed a state board approved or national exam

  • No disciplinary actions against your license

  • North Carolina will recognize a license from another country if you have:

  • Original documents that show school training

  • Evaluation of the school documents

Please contact the State Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners office for reciprocity details.


Contact Information
North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners


1201 Front St #110
Raleigh, NC 27609-7533
919-733-4117 (phone)
919-733-4127 (fax)


You Should Take Our Prep Course for the North Carolina Cosmetology Exam!

Since so much is riding on the written cosmetology exam, you should consider taking a course that prepares you to take the exam. But beware! Most courses do little more than barrage you with questions that, frequently, are not even relevant to the tested materials. These courses hurt your chances at passing the written cosmetology exam (and, therefore earning your cosmetology license) because they: a) fail to review relevant material; b) mislead you into studying material that is not tested on the written exam; c) are discouraging because they present material that is seldom, if ever, tested; and d) fail to present the material in a medium that is conducive to learning!



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Bella Beauty Review provides the only online review course for the state cosmetology exam that uses state of the art e-learning technology that is clinically proven to increase students’ retention of the important material tested on the written cosmetology test. At Bella Beauty Review students are free to access the online course day or night at a time that fits into their busy schedules and all of the information is presented:
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  • Written, with on-screen text of the spoken script;

  • Visually, with colorful, relevant pictures and animations;

  • Interactively, with the requirement that the student click, drag, or otherwise interact with the slides and on-screen content.



Bella Beauty Review prepares you to pass the cosmetology written exam in a unique, engaging, and effective manner!